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JRDI Exploration team members discovered "Leonardo" on July 27, 2000, during the Judith River Dinosaur Institute's "Expedition."

The exploration team had observed the exposed mid-section of the hadrosaur's tail, as well as a cross-section of its pelvis, in a large channel sandstone deposit. 

Leonardo is quite a spectacular specimen. In addition to possessing rare skin impressions and being one of only four existing brachylophosaurus specimens uncovered to date, he is the first fully articulated subadult ever found and is believed to have been about 3 or 4 years old when he died.

The excavation of Leonardo became the focus of the Institute's 2001 season. With a crew of over 25 volunteers comprised of paleontologists, geologists, paleolife artists, and many others dedicated to the science of paleontology, the exciting work of removing the specimen from its 77-million-year-old, cement-like tomb began.

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Copyright 2003 - JRDI/M.Campbell photos.

These shots of Leonardo show him on display at the museum. The numbers relate to text on the readerboards so that people can learn about his amazing soft tissue structures. November, 2003
Copyright 2003 - JRDI photos.

Leonardo on display at the Judith River Dinosaur Field Station with Curator of Paleontology, Nate Murphy.
December, 2003
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Copyright 2003 - JRDI photos.