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  • Titan Machinery

    We are proud to have Titan Machinery is a sponsor on the Little Snowy Mountains Dinosaur Project. Their expertise in understanding our excavation needs enabled them to recommend the right piece of equipment for the job. The Case backhoe they provide us this season was a wonderful piece of equipment! It move all the earth we needed to aid in uncovering Montana’s largest dinosaur “Big Monty.” If you ever need to purchase or rent the right equipment for a big job then look no further than the good folks at Titan Machinery.



  • Billings Clinic

    Billings Clinic for many years has aided our student interns with CT imaging fossils for academic research projects. The Judith River Dinosaur Institute is grateful for their continued support.



  • Red Oxx

    Red Oxx Mfg partnered with us in creating a mobile negative air chamber to prepare our dinosaur specimens. It’s understandable why Red Oxx is a leader in rugged outdoor gear. They’re innovative problem solvers, with an attention to the “details”of any project they are in involved with. No matter if it’s a piece of their outdoor gear to taking care of a large dinosaur, they’ll figure out a way. We absolutely recommend them.




  • Armex

    The Church & Dwight Co. has been supplying us with technical support and the finest blasting media compounds available. We have confidently used their products in the most delicate of preparation tasks. We highly recommend their products.



  • Donaldson – Torit

    We’ve used Donaldson – Torit for dust collection in our laboratory for over 10 years without any problems at all. With that kind of performance and reliability its no wonder that we choose their equipment for all of our fossil preparation needs. – Contact Donaldson – Torit



  • Ergokneel

    After 30 years of kneeling and laying on the hard ground excavating dinosaurs these old bones of mine won’t do another day in the field without my Ergokneel mat under me. Check them out!



  • Ideal

    This company makes a great field awl and other tools



  • Paleo Tools

    Bar none the best pneumatic tools made for fossil preparation. They have an air scribe for every job from the field to the lab.



  • Paleobond

    We’ve tested and used Paleo Bond products for over 10 years now. Yes you can buy less expensive adhesives and consolidates but Paleo Bond has proven its quality time and time again. You can’t cut corners on priceless specimens, we don’t and that’s why we use Paleo Bond.